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New proposed treatment for malignant pleural meothelioma tumours

By Warren Miller.        Published: 15th April 2016

Trials of combination of Immunotherapy with chemotherapy

Increase in Government Payment from 80% to 100%

By Warren Miller.        Published: 24th April 2015

However, the award still falls short in certain areas

MPs call for insurance companies to contribute to mesothelioma research fund

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 8th July 2014

Albert Square Manchester sees the release of white doves as a symbol of future hope for mesothelioma victims

Pericardial Mesothelioma - A Rare Cancer of the Heart

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 25th June 2014

A professor suffering from the rare cancer - mesothelioma of the heart - died this month

Union and HSE advice is to stop using World War 2 gas masks in schools

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 22st May 2014

Historical artefacts used in school and museum demonstrations may contain asbestos.

Asbestos contamination - latest news from around the world

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 15th May 2014

Asbestos still poses a risk to workers and the public. Asbestos news from USA, UK, NZ and Australia.

Current UK Clinical Trials for Pleural Mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 14th May 2014

Pleural Mesothelioma is resistant to conventional methods of treatment - new treatments are urgently required

How is a person and their family affected by a diagnosis of an asbestos related disease?

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 30th April 2014

Recent research suggests that asbestos victims and their carers require a strong support network to cope with a mesothelioma diagnosis.

What informed the Mesothelioma Bill allowing victims to claim 80% of the average civil claim?

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 14th March 2014

A summary of the study commissioned by DWP and MoJ into mesothelioma compensation levels

Mesothelioma victims are to receive an average of £8k more in compensation payouts

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 12th March 2014

Payments to mesothelioma victims unable to trace insurers to be increased to 80% of the average civil damages award

Recent Information reveals the high price paid by the MoD to compensate Devonport workers.

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 6th March 2014

From 2001 to 2013, the MOD paid out over £35m asbestos related compensation to shipyard workers in Devon.

Fibrinogen levels in MPM patients may act as new prognostic indicator

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 5th March 2014

A simple blood test may ensure that mesothelioma patients receive the best course of treatment for their disease.

HSE fines companies for breaching asbestos regulations

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 26th February 2014

Companies are still breaching the Asbestos Laws 2012 and putting profit above the safety of their staff.

Alternative medicine moves closer to conventional medicine for mesothelioma patients

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 13th February 2014

The addition of a pineapple extract enhances the effects of cisplatin on mesothelioma cells

MPs fight plans by Justice Minister to change Recoverability Exemption

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 10th Febuary 2014

Ministry of Justice plans to end exemption of recovering success fees for Mesothelioma Cases

The illegal fly-tipping of asbestos waste continues in the UK.

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 7th Febuary 2014

Examples of prosecutions brought against people involved in the illegal dumping of asbestos waste

Who is responsible for asbestos duties in derelict buildings?

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 7th Febuary 2014

Prosecutions may follow if asbestos procedures are not followed.

Can cats and dogs develop mesothelioma?

By Warren Miller.        Published: 7th February 2014

An investigation into the cancer in domestic animals, including dogs, cats, horses and cattle

Statistics for Asbestosis Deaths in Recent Years

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 17th January 2014

First recorded case of asbestosis in the UK was in 1924. Number of deaths from asbestosis have increased since 1978.

Building Contractors fined £50,000 by The Health and Safety Executive

By Warren Miller.        Published: 17th January 2014

Presence of asbestos was ignored and workers exposed to asbestos at a school in Surrey

What is the asbestos risk to bakers?

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 16th January 2014

Asbestos may be found in ovens manufactured prior to 1980s. Is there an increased risk of asbestos cancer to bakers?

A child who lived close to a Cape Asbestos Factory develops mesothelioma 40 years later

By Warren Miller.        Published: 16th January 2014

County Durham resident diagnosed with the cancer from asbestos dust blown over from the factory

Engineered Immune Cells used to target and kill Mesothelioma Cancer Cells

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 15th January 2014

Personalized Cell Therapy called Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells (CAR T cells)

Increase in the number of Mesothelioma Cases in The Irish Republic

By Warren Miller.        Published: 14th January 2014

Asbestos imports where banned later in Ireland than the rest of the United Kingdom

Is there Asbestos in Our Universities?

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 8th January 2014

A report in the Guardian stated that 33/88 universities said that their student accommodation contained asbestos.

Children at risk from developing Mesothelioma in later life if exposed to asbestos in school

By Warren Miller.        Published: 22nd December 2013

According to The Committee on Carcinogenicity who advise the UK Government on cancer

Pioneering cancer experts test a new drug used to treat mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 21st December 2013

A research team at a Sheffield hospital test a new drug used to treat mesothelioma

The continuing saga of the Hartlepool Ghost Ships

By Warren Miller.        Published: 4th December 2013

Environmentalist groups protest over asbestos and other hazardous substances in the ships

Research has lead to a new drug ADI-PEG20 which slows the progression of Mesothelioma

By Warren Miller.        Published: 4th December 2013

The drug starves the cancer cells of an essential amino acid

Update on the £350million Government Fund for Victims of Mesothelioma

By Warren Miller.        Published: 3rd December 2013

This is the Fund of Last Resort if an insurer cannot be found to claim against


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