Asbestos Case Testimonials

We have included a few recent testimonials from recent clients. . .

”Dear Helen

You have moved heaven and earth! Well done.
Thank you so much - you are brilliant.

It is hard to imagine that Helen Childs could have been more kind, considerate, efficient and sympathetic. ”

Added: November 2013

”To whom it may concern.

Sadly my mother died of mesothelioma. Just before she died we approached Helen Childs to represent us in order to pursue a claim. Helen worked hard on our behalf and brought the case to a successful conclusion. My father received the full value of the claim awarded - there were no deductions at all.

Dealing with my mother's diagnosis was very difficult and as a family that had no previous dealings with the legal profession, it was a big step to approach a solicitor. My brother and I had initial concerns regarding the insurance agreement and whether we would be left with a big bill or find that money would be deducted from the final award. Helen was happy to talk us through all the paperwork and answer all our questions. This, of course is very important, but for me, Helen's caring approach towards the family was equally important. Personally I was extremely grateful for Helen's kindness and support throughout the process.

I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. ”

Added: October 2013

” Hello! It was really nice to hear from you and hope you are keeping well and happy.

I would be more than pleased to confirm that we received our compensation in full, with no deductions and also that we were very satisfied with the way that the whole claim was handled by you and the barrister. ”

Added: October 2013

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