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Clinical trial on patients with mesothelioma

By Warren Miller.        Published: 6th February 2019

Good results for a combination of vaccine and chemotherapy

Who is likely to survive mesothelioma and why

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 5th February 2019

Study to indentify characteristics in people who survive the longest after mesothelioma diagnosis

Meta-Analysis Finds Lung Sparing Surgery the Best Option

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 8th November 2018

Pleurectomy/Decortication (P/D) surgery prefered option for most Mesothelioma patients

UK's first Peritoneal Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialist

By Warren Miller.        Published: 6th November 2018

Appointed at The Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Shropshire and Telford NHS Hospitals Trust face asbestos prosecution

By Warren Miller.        Published: 9th October 2018

Builders at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital exposed to asbestos while working there in 2012

MicroRNA could be used to screen people who were exposed to asbestos

By Warren Miller.        Published: 3rd October 2018

Possibly leading to an earlier diagnosis of Mesothelioma

New standard of cancer care with image-guided radiation therapy

By Warren Miller.        Published: 2nd October 2018

Using precision radiation therapy and intelligent software deliver Magnetic Resonance guided radiotherapy

Proton Beam Therapy Cancer Treatment

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 1st October 2018

What is Proton Beam Therapy and can it be used to treat Mesothelioma and Asbestos Cancer

AI Computer Program

By Warren Miller.        Published: 24th September 2018

New Approach to Determine Which Patients Will Respond to Targeted Cancer Therapies

Tea used in cancer cell bioimaging has unexpected benefits

By Warren Miller.        Published: 4th June 2018

They destroyed 80% of the lung cancer cells they were applied to

The Court of Appeal has reset the threshold for asbestos-related cases

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 15th March 2018

The could result in many more mesothelioma victims being entitled to claim compensation

Can Immunotherapy be used to treat Mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 26th January 2018

If so at what cost?

Mesothelioma victims partners to be entitled to bereavement damages

By Warren Miller.        Published: 10th January 2018

Recent Court of Appeal ruling: Cohabiters entitled to bereavement damages

Young woman diagnosed with Asbestos Cancer aged only 23

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 8th January 2018

She is believed to have eaten asbestos as a young girl

Claire's Accessories products found to contain asbestos

By Warren Miller.        Published: 5th January 2018

Indendent lab reportedly confirmed that the make-up contain traces of tremolite asbestos

Broccoli Compound May Enhance Mesothelioma Treatment with Cisplatin

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 25th July 2017

There is evidence that a compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage may enhance the benefits of cancer drugs in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma.

Can Mesothelioma Survival Rates be improved by Chamomile Tea

By Warren Miller.        Published: 25th July 2017

Scientists in Italy have found that a flavonoid found in chamomile tea, parsley and celery may help to improve the odds of surviving mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Diagnosis with a Breath Test

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 20th July 2017

Belgium scientists have recently tested a breath analysis tool that could provide a breakthrough in efforts to diagnose mesothelioma cancer.

Scientists research presence of asbestos in lung tissue over time

By Warren Miller.        Published: 19th July 2017

They found that regardless of the type of asbestos involved, the volume of asbestos fibres in tissue does not decrease over time

Asbestos dangers following the Grenfell Fire Disaster

By Warren Miller.        Published: 17th July 2017

Grenfell Tower flats contained high levels of asbestos. This was released during the recent fire and blew over neighbouring homes

Is Asbestos in our hospitals still a problem

By Warren Miller.        Published: 14th July 2017

Most hospitals in the UK still contain asbestos, including 94% of London hospitals

Assessing the risks of Peritoneal Mesothelioma from drinking water

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 5th January 2017

Recent research on asbestos cement water pipes in Central Italy

Latest Mesothelioma Support News from Uk and Australia

By Warren Miller.        Published: 6th December 2016

Psychological care needs and electronic support for victims of mesothelioma

Australian Study looks at whether Pleural Effusion can Progress Mesothelioma

By Warren Miller.        Published: 2nd December 2016

Most patients will have a build up of fluid in the lung lining from Mesothelioma

2016 Updates in Using Chemotherapy to Treat Malignant Mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 28th November 2016

Investigating 2 Chemotherapy Studies carried out in The US and Japan

Can a compound found in red wine increase mesothelioma survival rate

By Warren Miller.        Published: 25th November 2016

Combining Resveratrol and Cisplatin to fight Mesothelioma

Breast Cancer Drug Trials on Pleural Mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 24th November 2016

Tamoxifen could be used to treat mesothelioma by modulating the estrogen receptors

The UK Towns most affected by Mesothelioma

By Kathy Cooke.        Published: 8th November 2016

Table showing the areas where there are most deaths by Mesothelioma

HSE Statistics of the numbers of asbestos related deaths

By Warren Miller.        Published: 7th November 2016

Deaths from asbestos diseases including mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer and asbestosis

New proposed treatment for malignant pleural meothelioma tumours

By Warren Miller.        Published: 15th April 2016

Trials of combination of Immunotherapy with chemotherapy


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