Asbestos linked to Mesothelioma in Foster Wheeler Engineer

2014: The family of Mr P received a payment of £765,000.

Foster Wheeler Mesothelioma

The company of Foster Wheeler has been in existence for more than 115 years having a global presence with offices in 28 countries and employing approx. 12,000 workers.

The UK section of the company can be traced back to 1891 and is still strong today with its headquarters in Reading.

Primarily a service provider focussing on engineering, construction, power generation and procurement projects, Foster Wheeler has had links in the past with asbestos products through its merger companies which produced steam generators, marine boilers, and cooling equipment.

During World War II, the armed forces contracted Foster Wheeler because of its expertise with such equipment.

Foster Wheeler Engineer Mesothelioma Case Details

Mr P was diagnosed with mesothelioma in Spring 2012, aged only 65yrs.

Mr P started his working life as a merchant marine engineer apprentice. After qualifying as an engineer he started work for Foster Wheeler. Although his job was mostly based in the office, he was occasionally called upon to visit outlying sites, including oil refineries, and trouble shoot. He wasn't aware that he may have been exposed to asbestos during these site visits but the lead mesothelioma solicitor gathered evidence of similar occupations and workers in the same sites visited and was able to show that asbestos was present.

At the start of the claim, Mr P was retired and receiving a substantial pension. He and his wife looked after their teenage grandchildren and their disabled adult son, all of whom lived with Mr and Mrs P. It was therefore very important for the childrens' continuing care that a successful claim was made.

Our solicitor started court proceedings but unfortunately Mr P died soon after without ever knowing his claim was going to be successful. Interim payments of £100K were made to the family shortly after Mr P died whilst the defendent tried to co-ordinate insurers.

The family of Mr P agreed to settle the claim out of court for £730K in March 2013. Despite the defendants having all the necessary information they did not come forward to make an offer, even though they said they were ready. Consequently a trial date was set for January 2014.

Fortunately a round table meeting one week prior to the trial settled the claim out of court for £765K. It was a particularly valuable claim given Mr P's large pension and the ongoing care required for their disabled son and grandchildren.

Our lead solicitor has handled many similar mesothelioma cases over the last 20 years and she understands the requirements of claimants to secure the best possible award ensuring that the remaining family is financially secure in the future.

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