Builder of Farm buildings has successful claim for Pleural Mesothelioma

Claim settled at the end of 2017 for £200,000

Mr L was diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma in 2017 and contacted us a couple of months later to find out whether he
had any chance of claiming compensation. He was very poorly so our mesothelioma solicitors made an application on his
behalf for an interim benefits payment from the government. Typically this payment is in excess of £10,000 and is
made available within around 4 weeks from receipt of the application. This can help with any medical costs while the
case is being built.

Unfortunately Mr L passed away a couple of months later.

He worked demolishing and erecting farm buildings. Many of the sheds, barns and out-houses were concrete constructions
with compressed asbestos-cement roof sheets. Some had walls made of asbestos. His work involved cutting and fixing asbestos sheets and panels for cladding or rainwater gutters and down pipes.

Asbestos Farm buildings

This was carried out all over the UK and he and his mates lived closely together in the caravan they shared. This meant that exposure to asbestos dust was not only on site where they constructed the agricultural buildings, but also on the clothing of the other work mates in and around the caravan.

The building firm that employed them ceased to trade some years ago, but our specialist solicitors managed to find the
insurance company, so were able to proceed with the Pleural Mesothelioma claim.

Court Proceedings Commenced

Initially the defendant's insurers fought the claim, so court proceedings were commenced in the summer of 2017. The insurers finally admitted liability in November 2017 and agreed to an initial settlement of £50K. The Court then pencilled in a date for a damages hearing in April 2018.

However, his widow had a bad fall in the summer of 2017 and fractured her spine. As a result she needed someone to care
for her on a daily basis. Under normal circumstances, this type of care would be provided by the spouse, so other family members helped her and care was provided from the voluntary sector. This was a factor in the claim for mesothelioma compensation which was settled at the end of 2017 for £200,000.

After the settlement was reached his daughter remarked:

Thank You really doesn’t seem enough. Dad would have been blown away with all of this and I know if he could,
he too would be sending many hugs to you and your team

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